Eri Kasuga (春日エリ) is the main character. She is a high-spirited Japanese Tomboy who - for totally inexplicable reasons - has been chosen to marry Prince Lulealv of the Planet Mal.

In light of this momentous occasion, two envoys have been sent to Earth to announce the upcoming betrothal: Chinpui, an oversized, wish-granting mouse; and Wandayuu, a lethally annoying talking dachshund: they can perform miracles by simply shouting their names (with the usual disastrous results).

Eri is none too thrilled with the prospect of marrying an alien she's never even met, particularly since she's only eleven years old (in addition, she already has a "sort of huge rival"; Uchiki, the quiet smart kid who lives down the road).

Character description Edit

Appearance Edit

Eri is a girl with short brown hair with black eyes. Eri often wears shirts with collars. Other times, she wears sweaters with her initial (E) on. She also wears skirts, and never wears pants. When she is home, she removes her socks.

Eri's Love Life Edit

Eri is asked to marry Prince Lulealv, but refuses to because she likes Uchiki. in the future she falls in love with prince and marry with him

Relationships Edit

Chinpui Edit

Eri and Chinpui are great friends. Oftentimes, she asks him to use his powers for her amusment. But other times, she is angry at Chinpui for annoying her or tricking her. But they like each other. She makes ramen for him, which makes him very happy. She gets worried and sad when he is gone.

Uchiki Shō Edit

Eri has feelings on Uchiki. Uchiki also loves Eri. Eri hides her emotions for him by being best friends. She often helps, encourages, and supports Uchiki. Uchiki refers to Eri as his girlfriend.Uchiki always hide that he loves Eri.

Wandayuu Edit

Eri calls Wandayuu as "Granpa Wanda". He rarely pleases her, because he keeps on asking Eri to go to his planet and marry the prince. He keeps on giving her gifts from the prince, but Eri not really them.

Sunemi Koganeyama Edit

Personality Edit

Eri is a kind, friendly, sometimes stubborn girl. She often tries to jump over the fence in her backyard, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing and ending up on the grass, showing her clumsiness. She likes to play, and often sneaks out to. She likes to use Chinpui's magic to play. She likes to use flight, often doing it with Chinpui.

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Trivia Edit

  • It was revealed in the second chapter of the manga that Kukuru (a character from Doraemon, another work by Fujiko F. Fujio) is Eri's ancestor. As a result, Eri has Chinese ancestry.

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