Prince Lulealv - Eri's future husband

Prince Lulealv

Prince Lulealv V is Eri's Future husband, but Eri does not want to be his bride. He is from the planet Mal, from the Lepitolborg Family.

Character descritpion Edit

Prince Lulealv is the most charming guy in Planet Mal so several princesses want to marry him, that's why he looked at every planet to find the most precious girl. Eri was chosen by the prince out of ten thousand candidates.

Prince Lulealv tries many things to persuade Eri to marry him, so he gives precious gifts to her. He also writes poems about her, which are also sent to Eri as well. She also gets love letters and CDs from him.

Appearance Edit

The Prince's face is never shown, and in Eri's dreams (and somtimes nightmares), he wears a mask. He wears nice clothes, and wears a crown.

Relationships Edit

Eri Edit

Prince Lulealv introduce himself to Eri with Uchiki's body

Prince Lulealv introduce himself to Eri with/in Uchiki's body, after they through the day together.

Prince Luleav has chosen Eri to be his bride, but Eri refuses. He once watched a message from Eri, which was filmed by Darusa, one of the princess candidates, that Eri does not want to marry him and that she humbly declines his proposal. It would be thought that someone would be upset from a refusal, but according to  Wandayuu, the prince was touched by her words and he had fallen for her even more.

In Eri's son appears from the future and tells her that she's destined to marry Lulealv within three years. Despite her initial misgivings, it appears that she will actually fall in love with the Prince at some point, and that Lulealv is not only human, but drop-dead gorgeous.

Uchiki Edit

Uchiki is Prince Luleav's rival. The two are battling for Eri (kind of). Uchiki says he does not want to lose Eri, because she's his best friend. The prince tries harder to please Eri with the help of Wandayuu.

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